Friday, October 13, 2017

Qualchan Hills Trail 10/8 & 9/30

WOW! Looks like its gonna be winter like right now. Walkin is an all season thing to do but sometimes its even to icky for me. Enjoy these photos taken on 10/8 from the Qualchan Hills Trail, this trail has trail heads in a number of places, this was entering from the Hatch road (South Hill from 57th or E. High Drive-South Hatch trail head and then I went to the lower trail, the one closest to Latah Creek(Hangman Creek). I am also including a great shot from the upper trail looking down to Qualchan Golf Course and US195- Pullman Colfax Highway. This one was taken 9/30. These paths are not for timid walkers or bikers as they are steep and narrow but the VIEWS! Plus they give your legs and butt a great work out going up and down, be prepared to work!

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