Monday, February 28, 2022

Downtown Spokane

 The streets of Spokane are always fun to explore. You can either stay within Riverfront Park or zigzag through the streets enjoying the sights and sounds of this big little city. We went walking through the park and the headed through River Park Square and out the other side. We took a walking tour of the wonderful, fancy old buildings on west Riverside. The Masonic Temple is one that always grabs your attention. Someone had taken a sharpie to the Egyptian king statue on the corner of the Masonic building. The catholic church right across the street is also an architectural  treasure. So many neat old buildings to see and streets to explore. A man in a dog costume was headed into the park. I asked him why and he said he just felt like dressing up. So many homeless people on the streets, each with their own story. One man with his dog and a sign sat snuggling his well cared for friend on Main street. Walking along the river headed for town geese, ducks and Cormorant's decorate the water.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A Visit to Far West's "The Farm"

 If you haven't been out to the neat place that you see on the north side of  I-90 between the Medical Lake and Cheney exits you should make a point of taking a Sunday drive down West White road, which is the one that runs along the freeway, and see it up close. All the fun things you see from the freeway are only the tip of the iceberg. There are life size dinosaurs, huge eagles, aliens and all manner of beast statues. These aren't just for display you can take one home. If I had the room I would pick the life size cows on the speedboat, toooo fun! The lead in picture is of the aliens that I took artistic license with and added a new sky. I just couldn't resist!



Friday, February 18, 2022

Riverside State park

 The Riverside State Park in northwest Spokane encompasses over 900 square miles along the River. A treasure for the local area there are so many paths to chose from. One of the favorites is the loop that starts you on the west side of the river on the main drive north and down to the river. You then travel south along the river, or through the wood, to the suspended bridge and bowl and pitcher. The trail goes through the woods and back to the main road. The road is part of the Centennial Trail in this area. Right now the paths is so icy it can be tough going. I ran into a family hiking with their new little hiking buddy, Obie. Obie spent most of the hike asleep in his backpack but will be trotting up the trail under his own power soon. The views from the west side of the river are stunning. Including a view of Spokane in the distance. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Centennial Trail Maringo - Plante's Ferry

 This is such a beautiful section of the Centennial Trail. Parking at the Marietta trailhead you go east along the river. Traveling just about 1 mile you reach the Islands Trailhead and the Denny Ashlock bridge which goes across the river. Look up to the north you'll see the Riblett Mansion sitting high atop the hill. Once across the bridge the river is to your left. This area of the river is full of big rock formations and some secluded beaches where people swim and the adventurous jump from the rocks in the warmer weather. I've also seen fly fisherman casting their lines. Continue on and you'll see the statue of Antione Plante waving to you from atop a rock on the far side of the river. The Plante's Ferry Sports complex is up behind the statue. A little further on brings you to mile post 12 which is about 1 1/2 miles from where you parked. If you continue on you will reach the Mirabeau Trailhead in about another mile.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Post Falls, Falls Park

 I love goin walking in Post Falls, Idaho and make the trip over there in different seasons as it offers new beauty every time I go. I don't normally do the Idaho Centennial Trail through here as it either runs along the freeway or through urban streets that really don't truthfully have a lot of interesting things to see. I usually start at Falls Park, parking in their parking lot and then go south on Spokane Street, across the bridge and over to the other park. There are trails off the west end of the park up into the hills if you want to go that way. There is a newer trailhead at the top of the hill you can park at as well. There is a lot of DOWN if you park at the top and come to the river that way. When walking down Spokane Street you pass by some interesting things and past the Post Falls water tower.  Falls park is home to the Post Falls dam and the path leads right up to it. When the water is really gushing you can get wet from the mist. The bridge that leads to the island to the west is owned by Avista and you can't go over to it but the bridge is beautiful over the gorge. A large flock of Mallard ducks calls this area home and the Canadian Geese raise their babies here. People fish off the rocks near the bridge when the weather is warmer. 

Manito Park spring

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