Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Falls Park, Spokane River Post Falls, Idaho

 Went walking through the Falls Park in Post Falls and then down to the river in front of the dam. The Dam and the canyon in front of the dam are always beautiful any time of the year but add some color and its mind blowing. The park sits right at the edge of the river and there is a really close-up view point of the dam. When the water is going over you'll get sprayed. No water going over this time though. The color along the river is just stunning, red, orange  and especially yellows this year. There is a flock of Mallard ducks that call the backwash pond home. There are lots of trails to explore in the forest and rocks around the park.


Monday, October 25, 2021

Turnbull in fall

 It is absolutely gorgeous whatever season you visit. Everything is golden and shimmery after the cooler temps and rain storm that went through. Didn't see any big beasties this visit but the scenery was eye popping. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


 What a glorious day to be alive and walking the Columbia Plateau trail out of Fish Lake! Got out just after the rain that passed through. Everything was bright, shiny and ablaze with fall color. Fish Lake is one of the most reflective lakes I have ever seen. You got 2 beautifully colored trees for the price of one. Get out, breath deep and experience the wonder that is nature.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stevens Creek trail in fall

 The hike up the Stevens Creek trail works your thighs, glutes and lungs. It is up, up up. To the top of the world looking out over Valleyford. At the top is "Big Rock" and it is huge, standing as a citadel protecting the valley below. The fall colors are magical, the weather perfect autumn sunshine and temp perfect for the exertion. I met a nice group of folks with their 2 wonderful dogs on top and had a nice chat. If you want to go you'll need to before the snow flies as it is just to steep to go with any ice or snow on it. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Fishtrap Lake Trail & Folsom Farm

 Went walking at the BLM owned Fishtrap Lake Trail. The trailhead is off of Fishtrap Lake Road, there is a parking lot. The trail goes through the buttes and scrub brush and then wanders along Fishtrap Lake. The trail I took today is a very steep and very narrow one that runs along the side of the hill above the water. This one is dangerous even if you are sure footed so if you aren't feeling really confident stay to the top of the hill until you see the sign for the south and north loop trail and you can get closer down to the water when the shore widens out. The trees are vibrant with fall color and stand in stark contrast to the remnants of the burned old growth trees from the fire a few years ago. The trail back winds up over the buttes, past a pond, that is now dry, and then back across the scrub grasses. Out and back is about 4 miles ad depending on how you go one way can be very hard miles. After I was done I thought I'd go down the road that said "Folsom's Farm". Another BLM property I was surprised by what I found. A parking lot with an outhouse, information signs and even some picnic tables. The old barn, shed and fences are really neat to see. One of the information signs tells you that the house was destroyed in the fire of a few years ago. The wetland that sits out in front would be beautiful in the spring, I would imagine teaming with birds. There are trails that run in different directions over the property and I will have to go back and explore some more.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A visit to the MAC (NW Museum of Arts and Culture) & Campbell House

 I haven't been to the museum in ages but decided to go on Sunday. The exhibits were nicely curated, well displayed and lit. The showing of work by Louis Comfort Tiffany is beautiful. Always interesting seeing how many different mediums he worked in and his mastery of all of them. An exhibit of canoes from the annual Columbia River Canoe trips by the United Tribes of the Upper Columbia tells one of the many stories of the original inhabitants of our area. The permanent art collections of artwork introduced me to some artists I had not heard of but really liked. The Campbell house is maintained as it would have looked at the turn of the 20th century. The displays of furniture and artifacts allows you to experience it first hand. Period clothing and furs show you what the original inhabitants would have been wearing during that time. The museum is for everyone, a place where you can be introduced to your history, understand where you came from. If you've not gone, go and learn what helped form what we are now.


Manito Park spring

 What a glorious space this Manito Park is! Every season is gorgeous and completely different and to be experienced! I went walking in Manit...