Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ben Burr Trail, E. Central Spokane 10/19

This is a little known, short trail located in the heart of the east central Area of Spokane. It runs between Underhill Park and Liberty Park. Extensive work is being done on the west end that will extend the trail out of Liberty Park and connect it will the Centennial Trail, this is under construction now. As it stands now it is short, about 1 mile start to finish now, so about 2 miles round trip. You can access the trail from the south end of Liberty Park or from the south parking lot of Underhill. Underhill is located at 2910 E Hartson, off Thor/Freya. Liberty Park is 502 S Pittsburg, off of E 3rd. Thistrail has recently been paved and is well maintained. It goes along an old railroad line so sits up against the hill. Pretty scenic views to the north. The access out of underhill park is straight up a steep hill but most of the path has very slight incline. The wonderful old stone steps seen in the photo are at the western most end of the path in Liberty Park. Nice quick jaunt!


  1. I love the new format. Such a beautiful trail. I haven't ever been here but I'd love to explore it. Love the squirrel picture, he's a cutie.

  2. Its short but really pretty for sure!



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