Friday, July 30, 2021

Little Spokane Natural area Indian Painted Rocks

 This trail is not terribly long, about 3.4 miles out and back. It goes from the trailhead at Indian Painted Rocks along the river and then you can either continue on what is called the Knothead trail for a loop or back. The Knothead loop adds an additional 4-5 miles and goes through the forest to the north and then back down. The section that is called the old wagon road is the one I did today and you just turn around and follow the path back in. The trail is rated the "easiest" according to the sign but does have a lot of up and down and over rocks so someone who has any physical limitations will find it challenging to make it down this path.. The Little Spokane is very low right now but still moving. This area was devastated by a wild fire a number of years ago and the evidence of that can be seen in the burned fallen trees but is making a comeback with new vegetation starting to fill bac in. You can expect to see birds, deer and coyotes with the occasional moose making an appearance.


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge autoloop

 Went walking on the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge and did the autoloop. The autoloop is 5 1/2 Miles of mostly gravel road and you pass through all sorts of terrain. Forest, lakes, wetland, this loop goes through them all. I always park across from the Blackhorse Lake and then drive the autoloop after I walk it. Bathrooms dot the route so if you need to go you won't have to rough it.  This is the hottest ticket goin for moose watching, but full disclosure you will probably only see one one out of four times you're out there. Today was one of the days. Although the young'un was quite a ways away and moving away so didn't get a super shot of them.  I have found the autoloop gives you the bet chance as for some reason they seem to like the eastern side of the refuge. A Goldfinch entertained me, a bunny photobombed the shot of the road I like to take and a deer stopped and posed for a minute before continuing on its way.  Turnbull is one of those magic places that give me a sense of quiet and peace when I'm there even if there are other people enjoying this treasure of a place. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Manito Park in Summer

 Went walking around Manito Park yesterday to take in its summer splendor, and it is in full splendor. The roses are blooming, the greenhouse is open, the duck pond is welcoming, the Duncan Gardens are fully planted and the annual and perennials are in full bloom. An urban oasis that feeds the soul and makes the heart sing with its beauty.




Monday, July 19, 2021

Deep Creek loop Riverside State Park

 Did the challenging Deep Creek trailhead loop and as always it was just that. Starting from the Deep Creek trailhead which is off of 7mile road just a little east of where North Inland road(what Old Trails rd becomes) meets 7 mile. The road is called North State Park Drive but the sign is really easy to miss. Parking in the lot at the trailhead I went west down to the creek bed and then climbing over rocks, fallen trees and undergrowth walk the distance to where it meets the Spokane River. This is not a super long distance but takes a lot of time and care due to the rough terrain. There are a couple of spots where you have to cross a little water on rocks and logs. There is very little water, not much creek. The huge boulders that have fallen into the canyon are just mind boggling. The payoff at the end is the glistening Spokane River in all her glory. A bridge crosses the water where Deep Creek meets the river. You then head back on actual roads. There are offshoot trails and an overlook so you can see down into what you just climbed through. When I was there a group with their watch puppy were getting ready to climb up some of the boulders. 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Liberty Lake Loop Trail

 Went walkin on the Liberty Lake Loop trail today. Was short on time so made the Cedar Forest and back, about 3.5-4 miles round trip from the parking lot. There were a lot of folks out and about. This trail is so zen, just makes you feel peaceful and centered when you're huffin and puffing your way up the hills. Met some nice folks, one of which was Matt Rogers who was making a hiking video with a friend with his hiking buddy Kali. Matt has a YouTube channel, "Rants with Rogers" and has posted his video of their day on his channel. At the end of the walk a Bull snake showed his displeasure by hissing at me as I tried to get him off the trail so he wouldn't get stepped on. So nice to have it a little cooler while still enjoying the glorious sunshine!



Manito Park spring

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