Thursday, October 26, 2017

Qualchan Ridge trail, 29th to 14th 10/26

GORGEOUS day for walking the ridge! Parked at Comstock Park on 29th and Post and then walked down to the trail access on 29th and High Drive. You can go either north or south on the trail from here and there are 2 levels of trails to choose from. The paths intersect at different times so you have alot of choices. I went North today on the upper trail and then went to the lower trail that runs along the edge. On coming back I went "off road, trail" and came back up one of the rock crevices that run up and down. The trails are used by bikers, walkers, runners and offer scenic views from all portions. Looking down into Vinegar Flats for much of this section. This ends at Polly Judd Park at the west end of 14th and you can park and access the trail from there. The paths are steep and sometimes narrow so not for the faint of heart. On quick tip, sometimes its hard to figure out where the access point is at 29th when your on the trail

but the power-tranformer station is on the flat just below where 29th intersects.

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