Monday, August 28, 2023

The Gray Fire, Silver Lake & Granite Lake

 I went walking in the Silver Lake and then Granite Lake areas today. I wanted to document the devastation so to keep it in the public eye. The people effected by this fire have a super long road ahead of them, both with rebuilding home and with dealing with the emotional trauma of the event. In both the Medical Lake fire area and along the west shore of Silver Lake I heard the same thing from those that's houses were spared, survivor guilt. The feeling of how unfair that their neighbors houses were leveled and theirs is still standing. PTSD is real and so many will be dealing with the aftermath of this disaster for a very long time.  #grayfire #medicallake #medicallakefire #medicallakestrong #spokane #spokanewashington #wildfire


Sunday, August 27, 2023

Riverfront Park sunset and the Tacos Tequila Spokane Festival

 We decided to go walking in the coolness of the evening yesterday. We had also heard there was a festival downtown celebrating Hispanic culture and wanted to check that out as well. We were rewarded by getting to see the beautiful colors of the sunset behind some of the park icons and enjoy the happy, jumping festival as well. #spokane #spokanewashington #visitspokane #riverfrontpark

Friday, August 25, 2023

The Gray fire Medical Lake

 I went walking in Medical Lake a couple of days ago to witness the devastation visited on this little town by the Gray fire. I parked at the lake front park walked up the road toward town, turned right, turned right again and walked into what looked like a war zone. Where houses once stood charred remains between houses unscathed. Blocks where one side of the street looked untouched while across the street there was nothing left but foundations and charred appliances and lots of parked blackened metal that used to be cars. I spent quite a while speaking with Annette one of the lucky ones who's house was sparred. She spoke of running home to save her 2 dogs and 4 cats as the fire barreled toward them. Having just minutes they came into the house to find 3 of the cats sitting at the slider door fascinated by a tree in the backyard lighting up like a match. She spoke of the bravery of some of her neighbors standing their ground and fighting the fire to save their houses. She spoke of a 20 something young man running from house to house helping get the elderly and infirm out and helping get the pets out. Hel helped her get one of her cats from under the bed. She didn't get his name but is so thankful for all he did. Her dogs Anha and Tankerbell waited patiently across the street from us in stark contrast to the frenzied activity of a couple of days prior. Annette also spoke proudly of what a tight knit group of people the neighborhood is, how they take care of each other. Medical Lake will rebuild, houses will go back up to replace the ones burnt down and will be even a tighter knit group of people for all that they have been through together. #grayfire #medicallake #medicallakefire #medicallakewashington #spokanewashington #spokane #wildfire

Monday, August 7, 2023

Spokane Scottish Highland Games

 I know I have not been good about posting to the blog. I have been posting on Instagram, @goinwalking , as it is quick and easy. I am going to try to be more consistent in posting to the blog as well. 

We went to the Spokane Scottish Highland games on Saturday. so much going on! I really enjoyed the Scottish Jig competition. The girls jumped and twirled, they were all so talented! The games part all involved throwing heavy objects. Sometimes for distance and sometimes over a bar. They had some Highland cattle and a couple of beautiful Clydesdale horses. I am always in awe of the size of these gentle giants. They had a sheep herding dog at work. a Queen in a court and British cars on display. Of course food and vendors as well.  

Manito Park spring

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