Saturday, January 18, 2020

Spokane Woman's March 2020

Spokane's Woman's March 2020

WOW! Huge turnout for the woman's march held in downtown Spokane today 1/19/2020. From all walks of life they came, shouted, chanted and celebrated the issues they felt needed to be addressed. Snow showers didn't dampen the spirits of the marchers. A counter pro-life parade was also held and anti-abortion and religious types manned their posts from across the street and made their voices heard.
My biggest take away was the inclusiveness of the Woman's March attendee's. Come as you are, all are welcome.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Spokane Fire Department Winter water rescue practice

Had a really cool time photographing the Spokane Fire Department practicing winter water rescue techniques on the pond at Eagle Ridge today. The guys were using sleds for going across the frozen water, getting out of the water when they had fallen in etc. If any of us ever need rescuing we will be happy they know how to do it for sure!

Manito Park spring

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