Saturday, January 30, 2021

Coeur d"alene and the Centennial Trail along the Spokane River

 Went walking along the North Idaho Centennial Trail from the Northwest Blvd parking area lot back into Coeur d'alene. It was gorgeous! Sunny and about 45 degrees, on  January 30th! There were huge amounts of ducks, gulls and geese on the river.So many people and their 4 footed babies were out enjoying the beauty! Ruby the Westie stopped to said hi as did Buzz the puppy who was having a wonderful time. A really talented young artist, Brendan Beggs with his photographer was making his new music video on one of the streets around North Idaho College. A wonderful day, for sure!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A walk on the Gonzaga Campus and Centennial trail from Mission

 Went walking on the Gonzaga University Campus following the Centennial Trail from Mission Park toward Spokane and over the bridge. So much history to see 1st hand. The soccer team was out practicing for the season to come. People were jogging.You'll even note a non soccor playing girl in the background in shorts. They think spring is coming! You get a different view of Spokane looking at it from here.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mystic waterfall, Indian Canyon Park in winter

 Went walkin to one of this areas hidden gems today. With all the cars parked up at the Palisades Park Parking lot and the people it really isn't so hidden I guess. The waterfall didn't disappoint. The water was gushing down over the ice on the sides and at the bottom. Met a wonderful puppy named Polly and her mom on the way also a fun big Saint Bernard enjoying the water. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Riverfront Park, Spokane on a sunny Martin Luther King day 2021

 Went walkin in Riverfront Park today. The weather was wonderful for a mid January day, sunshine and like 40 degrees. The park was teaming with people out enjoying the holiday. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

A walk in the forest with Timmy the goat

 Timmy had never been walking with us until today when he really wanted to go. Goats are wonderful to walk with as they stay right with you and don't get distracted by squirrels and the like as dogs do. Timmy did wonderfully walking right behind and going over and around obstructions. He even jumped over a tree that had fallen down and blocked the path. Ceasar ,the dog, on the other hand got lost for a minute following his nose. Bad Ceasar! There were a lot of trees down from the windstorm on Wednesday that knocked our electricity out for a couple of days. My husband too the first picture of Timmy, me  and Ceasar.

Manito Park spring

 What a glorious space this Manito Park is! Every season is gorgeous and completely different and to be experienced! I went walking in Manit...