Thursday, October 31, 2019

Medical Lake trail on Halloween

Walked the trail around Medical Lake today. The trail runs along the west side of the lake but you have to be on the roads along the north and east side of the lake. Lots of geese, deer and cross country runners from the high school. One runner ran his laps around the lake in full Halloween makeup.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Moose Family rescue

A momma moose and her 2 babies took up residence in the Audubon Neighborhood around mid October. They wandered around enjoying peoples back yards, tree's etc for like a week. When the decided to visit Audubon Park Fish and Wildlife was called in as they were just too close to a school, people walking their dogs etc and it just wasn't safe for the family or the people any more. Fish and wildlife used dart guns to tranquilize them and loaded them in 2 horse trailers to move to the far side of Mt Spokane. People in the park got to get an upclose and personal look at the three and even help loading them. A team of Veterinarians was on hand to give them shots, check their condition and put tags in the ears of the babies to keep track of them.

 Funny, the fish and wildlife guy I spoke to said he had moved this Momma moose to Mt Spokane last year in October and she had come back. They were going to move them to the far side of the mountain this time.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rainy day in Coeur d'alene

Went walking on Tubbs Hill in Coeur d'alene in the rain and although getting a little wet it was a wonderful day for a walk. As always the paths along the lake and river have the most wonderful views. Saw the Mish a nock boat, don't know who was getting a ride on this bluster day. The colors are out in full force, reds, yellow and orange. A group of dedicated protesters calling themselves "Rise up CDA" stood on Northwest Blvd in the rain with umbrellas, holding their "Impeach Trump, Make America Sane" signs. Their dedication to cause should inspire all of us to make our voices heard and vote our conscious when elections come up.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dishman Hills, Iller Creek trail head early fall

Went walkin in the Dishman Hills natural area at the Iller Creek trail head. The leaves are turning but still have a ways to go until they reach full color. Met a nice couple and their 4 footed babies. It was their anniversary, Happy Anniversary! Also met a couple of nice ladies that were out enjoying the beauty. A bicycle rider came up the trail. Almost ran into a mother deer and 2 fawns right at the end. Wonderful weather for a jaunt!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sheep Dog Trials Catbird Farm, Cheney, Wa

If you've never seen working sheep dogs, usually Border Collies,in action and are in where near Cheney you should try to go out and take a look. The trials are running October 5-7 2019 at the Catbird Farm in Cheney. The owner of the farm also does training and will have other trials so check out their website.  I went and watched on a couple days.  The 4 footed athletes took the sheep through gates, over hills and into marked circles all following the commands of their handler's whistles. Tubs of water are set out at the end of the course for the dogs to jump in and cool off, they really work hard! Really impressive to see. Gorgeous landscape to enjoy as well!

Manito Park spring

 What a glorious space this Manito Park is! Every season is gorgeous and completely different and to be experienced! I went walking in Manit...