Friday, September 28, 2018

Centennial Trail Uprive Drive & fall Water skiers

What a wonderful day's this week for getting out on the trails. Perfect sunshine and mild temps made you glad to be out movin. As I was goin along the Spokane river near Boulder Beach on the Centennial Trail I heard what sounded like a boat comin down the river. Sure enough, and he was pulling a water skier. A little chilly I would guess but they were having fun for sure! One of the pictures I took of them was published in the Outdoor Section of the Spokane Spokesman Review newspaper on Thursday, 9/27. Lots of walkers, bikers, joggers, some with their 4 legged kids were also out and about. The ducks were all enjoying watching the water skier single-file on the log.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Antoine Peak Conservation Area W & E trailheads

Antoine Peak is a huge area located northeast of Spokane. It can be accessed from either the west trailhead at Brevier Rd, east of Bigalow Gulch & Forker  or the east trailhead located off of East Lincoln Rd, Trent to Campbell. The West trailhead has a couple of choices in varying lengths, The Summit loop and the Emerald Necklace loop. The East trailhead has the Canfield Gulch loop. Be prepared for a lot of Up, up, up the trails all wind around, up and down the mountain so are challenging. It was pretty the 2 days I spent this last week but I would image it is absolutely gorgeous earlier in the year when it hasn't been so dry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pat's Watercolor's art show Wheeler's Produce on east Trent

Went to pick up some veggies and got to enjoy some really pretty art as well. The greenhouse has been turned into an art gallery to show some really great watercolor paintings by Pat. If you get a chance stop in for both.

Centennial Trail Mirabeau trail head to Sullivan & West Valley class of '58

Went walkin from the Mirabeau trail head of the Centennial Trail east to Sullivan bridge. Lots of folks out enjoying the river and walkin, running and biking the trail.
Also happened upon a group of fine folks from the West Valley High School class of 1958 getting together at Mirabeau Park.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Camp Sekani a few more pics & map of Camp Sekani trails

Because of the interest in the Camp Sekani pictures I thought I would post a few more and the maps for the area. I didn't post them originally because there was a shadow at the top that made them difficult to see but I enhanced them so you should at least be able to see them. Also a few more of the bike riders, a cool jump and other structure on the top of the hill and a sign for one of the Disc Golf holes. I will have to go back and explore somemore, for sure.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Camp Sekani Trails, Mountain Bike jumpin

WOW, the Camp Sekani trail system is huge. I went walking in across the street from the beach on Upriver and was floored. I had walked the Centennial Trail from here, walked the trails at the climbing rocks but not gone back in here. There are miles and miles of challenging Mountain biking trails with jumps, ramps, curved corners and more. From beginners to extreme riders you'll find a trail. There is also a challenging Disc Gold course. I found the trail straight up the hill, along the top and then back down also a great challenge for hikers. Just watch out for the bikes. Cadan and Lucas were practicing their jumping skills when I was there and made for some great shots. The last photo shows the charring from the fire in July that singed the western side of the camp property.

Manito Park spring

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