Saturday, February 5, 2022

Post Falls, Falls Park

 I love goin walking in Post Falls, Idaho and make the trip over there in different seasons as it offers new beauty every time I go. I don't normally do the Idaho Centennial Trail through here as it either runs along the freeway or through urban streets that really don't truthfully have a lot of interesting things to see. I usually start at Falls Park, parking in their parking lot and then go south on Spokane Street, across the bridge and over to the other park. There are trails off the west end of the park up into the hills if you want to go that way. There is a newer trailhead at the top of the hill you can park at as well. There is a lot of DOWN if you park at the top and come to the river that way. When walking down Spokane Street you pass by some interesting things and past the Post Falls water tower.  Falls park is home to the Post Falls dam and the path leads right up to it. When the water is really gushing you can get wet from the mist. The bridge that leads to the island to the west is owned by Avista and you can't go over to it but the bridge is beautiful over the gorge. A large flock of Mallard ducks calls this area home and the Canadian Geese raise their babies here. People fish off the rocks near the bridge when the weather is warmer. 

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