Monday, January 31, 2022

Waikiki Springs Trail

 What a wonderful addition to the trails in the Spokane area! This area lies along the Little Spokane River and is accessed from Mill Road on North Fairwood Road where the trailhead and parking are. It is managed by Washington State so a Discovery Pass is required for parking. You start the walk off on a switchback that takes you down to the valley floor. It is very slippery ow but wide and has a wooden fence on each side. You are greeted by the sound of cascading water as you descend and see a waterfall. There is so much water coming down off the hill above and makes the going wet if you choose to go on the offshoot trail to the north as I did. I was glad I did though as there was a beautiful stream gushing. Worth the wet feet. I turned around and headed back to the main trail that takes you for a short distance on a road in front of houses and then back out toward the river. I followed the main path to a "T" at what said "New Astor Trail" and went south. This rail takes you up a hill and then continues on. I chose to tur around and head back down as I wasn't sure of the distance for a loop. The maps show a number of loops which I will explore when not pressed for time.

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