Monday, February 28, 2022

Downtown Spokane

 The streets of Spokane are always fun to explore. You can either stay within Riverfront Park or zigzag through the streets enjoying the sights and sounds of this big little city. We went walking through the park and the headed through River Park Square and out the other side. We took a walking tour of the wonderful, fancy old buildings on west Riverside. The Masonic Temple is one that always grabs your attention. Someone had taken a sharpie to the Egyptian king statue on the corner of the Masonic building. The catholic church right across the street is also an architectural  treasure. So many neat old buildings to see and streets to explore. A man in a dog costume was headed into the park. I asked him why and he said he just felt like dressing up. So many homeless people on the streets, each with their own story. One man with his dog and a sign sat snuggling his well cared for friend on Main street. Walking along the river headed for town geese, ducks and Cormorant's decorate the water.

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