Friday, February 18, 2022

Riverside State park

 The Riverside State Park in northwest Spokane encompasses over 900 square miles along the River. A treasure for the local area there are so many paths to chose from. One of the favorites is the loop that starts you on the west side of the river on the main drive north and down to the river. You then travel south along the river, or through the wood, to the suspended bridge and bowl and pitcher. The trail goes through the woods and back to the main road. The road is part of the Centennial Trail in this area. Right now the paths is so icy it can be tough going. I ran into a family hiking with their new little hiking buddy, Obie. Obie spent most of the hike asleep in his backpack but will be trotting up the trail under his own power soon. The views from the west side of the river are stunning. Including a view of Spokane in the distance. 

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