Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Centennial Trail Maringo - Plante's Ferry

 This is such a beautiful section of the Centennial Trail. Parking at the Marietta trailhead you go east along the river. Traveling just about 1 mile you reach the Islands Trailhead and the Denny Ashlock bridge which goes across the river. Look up to the north you'll see the Riblett Mansion sitting high atop the hill. Once across the bridge the river is to your left. This area of the river is full of big rock formations and some secluded beaches where people swim and the adventurous jump from the rocks in the warmer weather. I've also seen fly fisherman casting their lines. Continue on and you'll see the statue of Antione Plante waving to you from atop a rock on the far side of the river. The Plante's Ferry Sports complex is up behind the statue. A little further on brings you to mile post 12 which is about 1 1/2 miles from where you parked. If you continue on you will reach the Mirabeau Trailhead in about another mile.

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