Saturday, March 5, 2022

A visit to Thorp and a short walk on the Palouse to Cascades Trail

 We took a trip to visit the Thorp Fruit Stand and Antique Mall last week. What a fun trip it always is! A great selection of Washington apples, other fruit, locally made trail mixes and candy. The Antique Mall is on the upper 2 floors and always have interesting things to see. We also too the time to walk west on the Palouse to Cascades Trail that runs right behind the Fruit stand. I have been on the trail as it runs behind Rosalia to the east and south but never had a chance to get on the western side of it. The trail runs through farm land here and you can see all the windmills in the distance. We got lucky and saw a wonderful rainbow as it went from behind some trees across the sky and down the other side to behind the hills. Worth a day trip to explore for sure. 

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