Friday, July 30, 2021

Little Spokane Natural area Indian Painted Rocks

 This trail is not terribly long, about 3.4 miles out and back. It goes from the trailhead at Indian Painted Rocks along the river and then you can either continue on what is called the Knothead trail for a loop or back. The Knothead loop adds an additional 4-5 miles and goes through the forest to the north and then back down. The section that is called the old wagon road is the one I did today and you just turn around and follow the path back in. The trail is rated the "easiest" according to the sign but does have a lot of up and down and over rocks so someone who has any physical limitations will find it challenging to make it down this path.. The Little Spokane is very low right now but still moving. This area was devastated by a wild fire a number of years ago and the evidence of that can be seen in the burned fallen trees but is making a comeback with new vegetation starting to fill bac in. You can expect to see birds, deer and coyotes with the occasional moose making an appearance.


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