Saturday, July 17, 2021

Liberty Lake Loop Trail

 Went walkin on the Liberty Lake Loop trail today. Was short on time so made the Cedar Forest and back, about 3.5-4 miles round trip from the parking lot. There were a lot of folks out and about. This trail is so zen, just makes you feel peaceful and centered when you're huffin and puffing your way up the hills. Met some nice folks, one of which was Matt Rogers who was making a hiking video with a friend with his hiking buddy Kali. Matt has a YouTube channel, "Rants with Rogers" and has posted his video of their day on his channel. At the end of the walk a Bull snake showed his displeasure by hissing at me as I tried to get him off the trail so he wouldn't get stepped on. So nice to have it a little cooler while still enjoying the glorious sunshine!



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