Thursday, March 25, 2021

High Bridge dog park and a walk along Latah Creek

 Felt like sharing some joy through dogs playing today so started my walk at the High Bridge dog park at the edge of High Bridge park. There were quite a fe pooches running and wrestling, enjoying the warm weather and new friends. I then walked through High Bridge Park and under the Bridges it is named for. There are three bridges that span the creek here, I-90, Sunset Highway bridge and the railroad bridge. The Sunset Highway bridge is an old one and wonderful to look at with its high arches and details in the concrete. You cross over the creek on a bridge in Vinegar Flats and then go down the creek on the other side to the bridge back across on Riverside. There are people camping along the east side of the creek. Not a terribly long jaunt but pretty to see the bridges and creek from this angle.

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