Monday, March 1, 2021

Deep Creek creek bed from trailhead to Spokane River

 CHALLENGING! and not much water. I walked the Deep Creek creek bed from the Deep Creek trailhead to where it flows into the Spokane river and then back around across the Deep Creek bridge that takes you over the creek where it meets the river and then up the partially paved wide road to the parking area. I was so surprised when the creek bed was dry, I expected water flowing and that was not the case. Here and there there was some standing water or even a trickle flowing but otherwise until you got almost to the river it was dry. Huge boulders, rocks and fallen trees had to be climbed over, gone around or in one case you had to slide down a pole to get to the bottom and continue. The massive boulders look like they should block the creek but as water does I'm sure it finds its way around. In one case you go through a narrow opening between 2 of them. Not for the faint of heart you will need good shoes and good balance. Worth the work as it really is a cool experience.

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