Friday, March 26, 2021

Columbia Plateau Trail waterfalls in spring

 Walked off the Cheney Spangle Trail head of the Columbia Plateau Trail. This section going back toward Fish Lake is always a place of beauty and the movement of life. It is completely paved with streams on either side. Waterfalls come out of the hills and cascade down the rocks. A treat for the ears and the eyes. A little later on in the season the streams will be filled with cattails and yellow flowering water plants. Birds, frogs, turtles and sometimes even a family of River Otters will enjoy these waters. For now birds are the main attraction. A flock of Purple and green Swallows entertained me as they raced up the stream and then turned around to race back down. I heard the resident Kingfisher but he didn't put in an appearance this time. The Redwing Black birds were singing their pretty song on the cattails of the pond just at the entrance of the Cheney Wetlands, which sits just off the trail. A light rain made everything fresh and new. 

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