Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Mystic Waterfall Indian Canyon

 The Mystic Waterfall is one of those "must sees" for any hiker in the Spokane area. The hike isn't a very long one but is intense if you are wanting to get down under the falls and hike along the stream bed. It is very steep going down and the up is steeper, depending on which way you go. Right now it is very slick and you'll want to have shoes with good traction and be ready to hold on to the brush along the edge. It is worth the effort. These falls are seasonal and do dry up in the summer but late fall, winter and spring it is really impressive. Right now there is water running behind but what you will see is a big ice flow. You can either park at the Palisades parking lot and walk down or park on the  Indian Canyon/ Assembly pull out. 

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