Friday, June 25, 2021

Hawk Creek Trail, Lake Roosevelt Washington

 Located Northwest of Davenport,Washington this hidden jewel of an area sneaks up on you and then bam! an unexpected oasis. The trail is located inside the Hawk Creek Campground on a little finger that reaches back in off of Lake Roosevelt on the Columbia River. You can reach the Lake from here and there is a boat launch. You go on winding dirt roads, down, down, down and then all of a sudden there it is, cmplete with a waterfall on one end and sheer cliffs on the other end. It is a nice little protected area back here. The trail loop is relatively short, about 1 1/2miles, with an additional 1/2mile or so if you take the off shoot trail that runs a little further down the river, you have to just turn around and come back up to the main trail to finish the loop. One side of the loop runs right along the side of the hill. It is steep, winding and narrow so you'll have to be sure footed to do it. There are places you can get down near the water. The other half of the loop runs a little further inland but you still have views of the water in some places. Not much mileage but definitely a must see. As I was headed back in I went on Tickle Hills Road, makes you giggle just to say it, and came upon the beehives in the last photo in front of a field of beautiful yellow canola.

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