Friday, August 31, 2018

James T Slavin Family Conservation Area & the Homeless & their dogs

I again walked the James T Slavin Family Conservation area off of Keeney Road in Cheney yesterday. The main trail is a nice pretty much flat, well maintained trail with neat lakes,ponds and a whole lot of waterbirds. Cormorants, ducks and some other little guys were enjoying the secluded waters. People truck their horses in to ride  the trails.
The other pictures I wanted to share with you were of a homeless guy that was sitting next to a parking lot with a sign and his tiny dog Precious. I am always impressed with that as down on their luck people are they always give such wonderful care to their 4 footed children. The dogs always have food, water and when its cold they have coats and blankets. I took Precious some treats and she was very appreciative. Precious is the little Chihuahua the other 2 photos of  homeless people with their dogs were taken early this year.

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