Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Indian Painted Rocks Trail & Knothead trail

My Sister and I met up early this morning and did the Indian Painted Trail, coming back on the Knothead Trail.  The trail head is off of Rutter Parkway in Fairwood area in northwest Spokane. The Indian Painted Rocks trail runs along the river and other than a few areas where you have to climb over big rocks not terribly difficult. The Knothead Trail goes up,up,up to take you to the top where you have views of Long Lake. We saw deer and a Moose. The scenery up on top is pretty bare with pine trees but it is nice and lush and cool as you start back down. The hills around the trail down had burnt a few years ago but are already covered in underbrush. Some of the bushes were already turning so it looked very fall like on the hill on the way down. The 1st  picture was taken by Heather, my sister as we looked over long lake from a bench at the end of the trail.

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