Thursday, November 16, 2017

Walking tour of Vinegar Flats , Spokane, Wa 11/15/17

This little known gem of a community below the South Hill bluff is a really great area for getting a nice brisk, very scenic 4 miles round trip. I park where Coeur d'Alene  and Inland Empire Way "Y" and then walk south into Vinegar Flats. It has had a  renaissance of late with new business opening and properties being taken better care of. From Lucky Vintage, Shop Rjuv , Lima and Blue Moon Greenhouses, funky old houses and buildings, installation art, turn of the century business signs painted on buildings, a totem pole, Alpacas, Cats and dogs this area is a feast for the eyes.  I continue on IEW until it ends at Hwy 195 and then turn and head back, going to the right on Oak to skirt Latah Creek turning left on 26th to hit IEW again. Go back through town and then turn left onto 17th after you go across the bridge and then bump along the north streets until you come back out onto Coeur d'Alene. Fun things to look at at every turn.

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