Thursday, November 9, 2017

Dishman Hills Natural Area Trails 11/09/2017

This group of trails is accessed off of Sargent and Appleway in the valley. There are a number of interlocking trails that run over the rocks and hills of the area. The trails can be very steep and challenging but there are some that aren't quite as steep. I like it for the great cardio from going up the rocks at a good clip. Alot of people with dogs bring them to wander with them. The scenery isn't really eye popping but rugged. Saw a couple of deer today that I kept runnning back into. The trails can get confusing and you you have to be careful and not get turned around and lost. One thing I have found helpful when wandering around is that you can hear the traffic on Sprague and the music blaring from the car dealership so can gauge which direction North and the parking lot is.

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