Monday, November 6, 2017

Fish Lake Trail Head mile 0-2+ 11/5/2017

The Trail Head off of Sunset is mile 0, it runs along an old railroad bed to the west of 195, the Pullman-Colfax highway. Mile 2 come just short of where it intersects with the old Marshall Road. Not much happening on the trail today. You could see tracks in the new snow where people had been, walkers, runners and even some bike tracks but no one braving the newly coming down snow as I was going along. With a little more snow this stretch of trail will be full of cross country skiers and snowshoers. Just as I was leaving a person with their bicycle on the back of their car drove in and sat, trying to talk themselves into go out into the elements I'm sure. It has some inclines but the trail is a reasonably easy go. Got my feet and the rest of me pretty wet from the snow coming down and the slushy snow underfoot but really not a bad day. It wasn't terribly cold and the wind wasn't blowing.Nice scenery and quite often wildlife sightings.

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