Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Eagles have landed on Coeur d'alene Lake

 Always a thrill to see these big beautiful creatures up close! Went walking along Coeur d'alene's Lakeview Drive to witness the annual visit by the big bunch of eagles that flock here to eat at this time of year. So many people many with high powered telephoto lenses walking and standing waiting to catch that perfect shot. I park in one of the lots about half way down and walk east. The best eagle watching was right where I parked the ca as that was where they were stopping in the trees to eat the fish they had caught. I like to walk along the shore whenever possible and some of the way you can but you do run into places that the rocks are to far out into the water and you have to go up onto the path along the road. At Higgens Point I go down and follow along the shore until you run into the I90 bridge at the far end. Be advised that some of the paths are steep and slippery so you have o watch your footing or you'll have a cold wet way back to the car after falling in the lake. The paved path that runs from one end of Lakeview drive to where it deadends allows for wonderful nature and lakeviews. Another way to enjoy eagle watching on the lake is to take a cruise on one of the big boats from Lake Coeur d'alene Cruises that run out of the dock at the Coeur d'alene Hotel. I saw one go by today and it was full of people enjoying the sights.


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