Wednesday, December 8, 2021

NEW Antione Peak Trail Trentwood trailhead

 Had planned on walking off the new Trentwood Trailhead a couple of weeks ago but the car had another plan and broke down on the way. This new trailhead has only opened a few weeks ago and the trailhead is beautiful! a paved parking lot, security camera and an outhouse are a super nice way to start your treck off. A nice wide gravel path leads from the parking area to where the trails start. At the split go right and you're on the Arrow Leaf Trail, left to the Lost Apple Trail. They make a loop, each going about 3/4 of a mile before you reach the other one. I wanted to do more miles and see where it hooked into the original Antione Peak trail so I too the Arrow Leaf Trail and continued straight instead of turning onto the Lost Apple to return. It is about another mile before it hits the upper trail. You head up, up, up but because it is a series of long switchbacks your accent is more gradual. The trail was very muddy and slick in places so you need t watch your footing. A couple of bike riders were working their way up and it as tough going for them. I turned around at the join with the upper trail and headed back down taking the Lost apple trail on the way down. The decent is very gradual on this trail as it takes a wide swing and the trail goes through a field instead of along the edge of the hill. Some of the way down you are on what must have been a driveway as the trail is wide and gravel for some of the way. The trails are well marked and well used so easy to follow. To reach the trailhead take the Sullivan exit off I90 and go north, turn right onto Wellesley Rd, travel for 1 mile and continue straight where the road swings right onto Flora. 

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