Monday, November 8, 2021

Columbia Plateau Trail Amber Lake trailhead

 What a gorgeous November day to be out on the trail. The Columbia Plateau Amber Lake trail head is located about about 11 miles south of Cheney via Mullinix Rd and West Pine Springs rd. It is well marked for the turn onto Pine Springs. The lake is small and down in a dip but very picturesque. Tall pine trees and sheer rocks surround it. When I was there a herd of cattle had made their way down to the shore on the other side. This is a no gas motor lake but there were a lot of people fishing and there is a boat launch.  The trailhead requires a Discovery Pass to park in the lot but does have a bathroom. The trail travels southwest from the trailhead, it is large stone gravel and gravel. Ponds, trees and native grasses line the route. Some areas you pass through sheer rock outcroppings. The land on either side is ranch land. One large cattle ranch sits among the hills with lots of barns and cattle. The trail crosses over Pine Springs road twice within a mile between the crossings. I go out on the trail and when coming back take the road at the first crossing as it gives a closer look at the Ranch and some up and down for a different view point when goin along. This is not a loop and you decide how many miles you have time for or just feel like doing and then turn back. There are mile markers as you go along.

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