Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A visit to Cat Tales exotic Wildlife center

 If you, like I hadn't, haven't been to Cat Tales on highway 2 in Mead for years its time to go again. I made the trip out there with my mom, sister and her 3 little girls today. There are so many tigers there now. Most are the classic black and orange but they also have a rare white tiger. The white tiger decided to roll around and enjoy a good back scratch, fun to see. The single lioness that is there looked regally at us from her enclosure. So many different color of foxes playfully yipping at each other through the fences. A single black bear trotted up and down in back of his fence. Cougars, lynx, bobcat and wolves are in residence. This is the  only zoo anywhere near Spokane and well worth the trip to see these wonderful animals up close. 

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