Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Columbia Plateau Cheney Spangle trailhead

 It is always a thrill for me to be the first one to put tracks in new snow. Being the first just seems so special. It was a wet but wonderfully quiet treck down the Columbia Plateau going from the Cheney Spangle trailhead back toward Fish Lake. The snow fell in spurts and some of the waterfalls are now trickling water again. There is a special place where little streams of water trickle between rocks making you think of a tropical forest, although the white stuff on the ground tells you different. The trail from this trailhead all the way back to Fish Lake is wide and paved and there is a stream on either side that can overflow the trail during heavy rain or spring runoff. For now it is contained. The fall colors are still vibrant and when up against the snow make for a real feast for the eyes. 

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