Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Post Falls, Idaho Black Bay Park & Falls Park

 Spent the day in Post Falls, Idaho exploring a couple of their wonderful hiking area parks. I have visited Falls Park many times but had never been to Black Bay Park. Falls park never disappoints. Feel the power of the water as it goes over the dam on the Spokane River. The trail takes you close enough to feel the mist. This park has a couple of ponds and a back wash from the river so is populated by all sorts of ducks and geese. The Mallard duck population is huge and vocal. The trail loops around and through the park along the river. Black Bay park has a paved park, that was a road at one time. You can't drive in but must walk from where they have the old road blacked. The paths go along the edge of the river and then through the woods. Houses are on each side of the property. Challenging paths with a lot of up and down and over the rocks. Neither hike is officially very long but you can get some miles in by exploring all the off shoot paths. 


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