Sunday, May 1, 2022

Saltese Flats Conservation area Trail

 What a wonderful addition to our regions natural areas and trails! I had been on the uplands trails but never to the trails in the Flats. The path is graveled and seems to float in between water. The path that runs along the edge of the large body of water doesn't make a complete loop around the water so you have to go back or it appears there is a path that runs from the end to back along Henry Road. So many birds are calling the wetlands home, so the plan to bring it back is working. The trails are all relatively short, like 3-4 miles roundtrip so you might want to park on the 1st Henry Road Uplands trailhead and walk the Uplands trail enjoying looking down on the Flats trail before descending down to walk it. This should be a must walk on your trail bucket list.

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