Monday, May 16, 2022

Deep Creek early Spring

 Hiking the stream bed of Deep Creek is one of the most challenging short hikes you'll ever take. The stream bed is mostly dry but there are ponds to go around in places. You'll find boulders, big rocks, places where the floor is all of a sudden 4 feet below you and you'll have to slide down some logs from a big rock to get there. Native flowers and vegetation decorate up the sheer rock walls and crevices. Parking on the Deep Creek overlook parking lot I walk down to the stream bed and make my way toward the river, traveling north-east. At the end of the stream bed you come to a bridge over where Deep Creek meets the Spokane River. The Centennial trail uses the bridge and then continues north. I go over the bridge, up the Centennial Trail, traveling south, and then turn right at the top of the hill onto the road that takes you back to the parking lot. The roads here are actual roads so easy going, except for the up part. From the road back you can go to the overlook and see how deep down you really were.


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