Monday, October 4, 2021

Mt Spokane summit, Vista House

 Went walking up Mt Spokane's Summit road. You can drive the road to the top but I wanted to be at ground level to enjoy the view of the back side of the main alpine course, lodge, ski lifts etc. The about 2.25 mile road travels right along the edge and the view is stunning! It is a paved road starting at the switchback parking lot and then going up, up, up to the top of the world. At least our world. At the top are TV towers and the wonderful Vista House. The Vista House is a natural stone chalet type house built right on the edge of the top. Built in 1933/34 it was used as a fire lookout. There were gobs of bicyclists using the trails and road the day I was there. Coming back down you can take trail 140 which will meet up with the Mt Kit Carson loop road at the parking lot or travel back down the road. I took the trail for a little bit but switched back over to the road as I was short on time. Cooks Cabin and woodshed, neat, very early buildings, are at the bottom just before you reach the parking lot. To give some perspective to where I was the first picture is taken from highway 206, the road you take to get to the mountain. This is about 18 miles from the Vista House, which is at that bare spot at the tippy top.

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