Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Riverside State Park Bowl & Pitcher

 Went walking in Riverside State Park today. I started at the 1st turnout on the main road into the park off of Government Way. This area is called the Morin Trailhead, there are a couple of parking areas. I proceeded down the paved road that is the Centennial Trail here, about 3/4mile down you go right toward the river and can either travel along the river or a little further on into the forest. I am always drawn to the closest one to the river. There are areas where you can get right down to the water and even a sandy beach, A man was fishing across the river in this area. The river is very low so when I reached the Bowl and Pitcher I was able to take the pictures from almost the middle of the river because of the exposed rock shelves that are around the huge boulders that sit in the middle of the river. You continue on the path after coming up from the river, going straight instead of turning left to go to the suspended bridge. Right up a hill into the forest and you come to the main road again and follow it back. Its probably about 3-3 1/2 miles or so with a lot of climbing over rocks and up very steep hills so be ready for a challenge. 

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