Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Hauser Lake & Bobville

 Went to Hauser Lake to find the Hauser Natural area to walk in. The Natural area is actually in Washington but you get there going down Hauser Lake Road. I never found the road that went to it but I enjoyed my time walking on Houser Lake road taking pics. I stopped by the public boat launch to see what was goin on. This is really a nice park and public boat launch. The docks are great for fishing. On the way back down Houser Lake road I stopped to take some pictures of some wonderful birdhouses that I saw along the road. As I was taking pics a nice woman asked me if I'd like to see the rest of the property. To my surprise an entire town greeted me. Bar, jail, church, railroad station and so much more. Bobville, it is named after her husband, is a labor of love with Bob building the buildings and Linda decorating them. The detailing and workmanship is really neat. Jake, the real boss and deputy, greeted me and then laid down to rest in the grass before more patrolling. 

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