Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mystic Falls, Palisades Park/Indian Canyon

The hike down into the area beneath the falls is steep but well worth the climb! The walk along the stream coming off the falls is dark and quiet. Really great for that moment of zen everyone is in need of now. The sounds of the crashing falls, birds and just the forest add to the quiet that come over you when you are here. Today a lot of peace seekers and their 4 footed children made the treck down. Riley and Benson were loving on anyone who took a moment. Rudy was game to climb up into the cavern in the rocks beside the falls. Ashe and Aubrey were trotting along the path protecting their mom from any strangers that got in the way of their walk. Mystic Falls is to the west of Indian Canyon Golf course and the the Southeast of Palisades Park.

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