Saturday, August 24, 2019

Spangle MBR Mechanical Bull World Championship August 24, 2019 THE RIDERS

Went to Spangle, Washington today to attend the MBR (Mechanical Bull Rider's) World Championship held at the Harvester Restaurant. What a wonderful fun day of visiting, eating, drinking and of course Mechanical Bull riding. The people running the competition are super folks and put on a good show. There were about 21 riders that signed up to compete and in the end a woman ran away with it! Laura Moore was the overall winner. I'm going to do a couple of postings on this event because there were so many fun folks and neat things to see. The first posting is going to be focused on the riders. The second posting will be all the other folks.


  1. Wow! May I use Laura's photo for a podcast placement photo please? How shall I credit?

  2. Hello, I am sorry I didn't get back with you about using Laura's photo, I didn't get the email. It doesn't tell me who you are or what your podcast is. Melaine


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