Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Columbia Plateau Trail Fish lake Trailhead OTTER FAMILY!

I was so excited to stumble on a family of Otters that had taken up residence in the stream along the side of the Columbia Plateau trail. In all the years I have walked the trail I have never seen Otters in that stream. There were 4 babies and a mom. I had never given much thought to what noise an otter would make but the mom kept growling and they made a sharp kind of snort when they came up and saw me still there. The tumbled and played in the water, coming up to see if I was still there. I followed them down the stream, then they turned back up. At one point they got concerned and all got out along the far bank and looked over to what was bothering them. There is a hawk in the area so it might have been that.

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