Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday walk through dowtown Spokane & Riverfront Park

So many people out today and many had their 4 legged babies out with them as well. A nice gentleman, Jerome, had a full drum set he was playing and a sign telling about a U-tube video they have about Spokane street musicians. Another busker was playing a guitar. The falls were getting everyone wet with its spray as the gates were full open. The seagulls and geese were fighting over bread. A little sunshine goes a long way! Ooggie the Great Dan and Duke the Shepherd had a nice greeting for each other and a couple of gorgeous Greyhound girls were walking with their people who are part of the local Greyhound rescue group. Spring has finally sprung, YAY! I made my first trip across the bridge in the University district today and the Garbage Goat in Riverfront Park is still enchanting kids as it did when I was little.

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