Sunday, June 24, 2018

Idaho Farragut Park and Brig Museum 6/23/2018

Took a trip to Farragut Park near Bayview Idaho Yesterday. I had heard about it for years, even been to Bayview a few times, but had never gone on the grounds. It was HUGE! The park had originally been an Army training camp for WWP. All that is left of the original building is the "Brig" which has been made into a really interesting an informative museum. We walked one of the trails that took us down to the river and explored the museum. At one of the campgrounds people were "Ziplining" and there was a really large elaborate obstacle course set up. There is a big Disc Golf course as well. There is a really nice boat launch and docks. Really worth the drive if you like camping, exploring new trails or other great outdoor activities. And do take the time to go into the museum. There is a $5 charge to go into the park but the museum, boat launch and disc golf course are free to use. We didn't ask what the charge for camping is so you'd need to check on that.

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