Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Turnbull Wildlife Refuge 5/28 & 30

My last 2 walks were on the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge. I had never been into the actual compound until Monday and what a neat, well kept area it. You have to pay $3 to go into the parking area But there's a lot of trails to go on, bathrooms and is well developed. Today, 5/30 I walked a trail I have walked many times before off of Cheney/Plaza Rd that takes you into the northwester part of Turnbull onto the Columbia Plateau Trail. I park on a turn-off just before you reach the overpass that goes over the trail. Both provide waterviews, wetlands and birds galore. I will for sure be back at the main Turnbull compound to explore the other trails. WATCH OUT FOR TICKS, PICKED UP A LOT OF THEM ON THE LAST OUTING.

in the future!

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