Friday, January 26, 2018

Felts Field Airfield, south side of Spokane River.

I had never gone along the south side of the river here until the other day. I had seen people over there but just never gone to look. The path is accessed from the where Park comes to a dead end at the river. I learned the other day that at the end of this path is where Gonzaga stores its rowing skiffs. I had always wondered what the docks were for. It is open fields to the north of Felts Field. People walk their dogs here alot and there is a park on this end of park before you get to the dead end. Really fun watching the little planes go off from the little airstrip and some good river views from this side. The crows were HUGE, they were jumping off the fence to the runway and back. Not sure that would make the pilots taking off from Felts happy but they seemed to be having fun.

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